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13th of September 2010


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China Daily


Domestic consumption key to easing trade rift

XINGYI, Guizhou - Economic "rebalancing", shifting from export-driven growth to one led by domestic consumption, offers one of the best ways for China to ease trade friction with the US, the World Bank president told China Daily on Sunday.

Regarding possible trade disputes between China and the US, World Bank President Robert Zoellick urged both sides to tread carefully because protectionist measures were "quite dangerous".

US Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner is due to face a US Congressional hearing this week on possible steps that could be taken against China over its exchange rate policy. House of Representatives Ways and Means Committee Chairman Sander Levin said "the large and persistent US trade imbalance with China is a major contributor to global imbalances, costing the US jobs and economic growth".

World Bank President Robert Zoellick attends a welcome ceremony at Xianahui village in southwestern Guizhou province on Sunday. The ethnic Bouyei village has benefited from a program financed by World Bank loans to preserve its unique culture.

Wen: No rivalry between China, US

BEIJING - China reasserted the importance of the strategic dialogue between Beijing and Washington on Tuesday, with calls for "quiet and in-depth discussions" with US officials to promote mutual trust.

Premier Wen Jiabao said the mainstream of current Sino-US relations "is dialogue and cooperation," noting that it has now reached an unprecedented level in scope and influence, as a visit by a senior US delegation to China entered its third day.

"China and the US should not treat each other as rivals," Wen said, adding that deepened political trust, strengthened bilateral and multilateral cooperation and a harmonious atmosphere are key to bilateral ties.

"China and the US should work together to tackle the global financial crisis and promote a stable world economic recovery," said Wen.


Japan 'must make wise resolution'

BEIJING - The Japanese ambassador was summoned in the early hours of Sunday by State Councilor Dai Bingguo who urged Tokyo to make a "wise political resolution" and release the detained Chinese fishermen and their boat immediately.

Dai, the highest-ranking Chinese official to protest so far over the arrest of the boat's captain, the detention of the crew and seizure of the vessel, warned Japan against misjudgment, and "expressed the Chinese government's grave concerns (over the incident)", according to a Foreign Ministry statement.


Wen calls for dedication to rural education

SHIJIAZHUANG - Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao on Friday, the nation's Teachers' Day, called on teachers to dedicate themselves to rural education, improving teaching standards and contributing to the modernization of the country's education program.

Wen made those remarks during a visit to a middle school in Xinglong County of north China's Hebei Province, which is about 135 km from Beijing.

Teachers play a key role in primary education, which lays the foundation for a country's development, Wen said, adding that Chinese teachers had made contributions to the country's education cause and modernization drive through hard work and selfless devotion.

Wen stressed it was important to improve rural education as it is a matter concerning the long-term development of rural areas and the improvement of people's skills.

Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao sits among students during a reading class at a middle school in Xinglong County, north China's Hebei Province on Sept. 10, 2010. Wen Jiabao called on teachers to dedicate themselves to rural education, improving teaching standards and contributing to the modernization of the country's education program during a visit to a school on Friday, the nation's Teachers' Day.


Property price growth slows in major cities

BEIJING - Housing prices in China rose at the slowest pace in eight months from a year earlier in August, while the prices on a monthly basis remained unchanged from July, indicating that buyers and sellers are still cautious, industry analysts said.



Banks debate RMB internationalization

Editor's note: Several bank leaders met to discuss regional currency cooperation and RMB settlement at the recent Dianchi financial forum. Their speeches are featured here.


Yunnan to help pioneer RMB trade settlements

Current exchange regime, foreign capital have 'led to a fragile economic climate'

Regional cooperation between southwest China's Yunnan province and neighboring South Asian and Southeast Asian nations will advance China's effort to promote cross-border trade payments in its own currency, according to a high-ranking financial official.

As a frontier province, Yunnan has begun a program called the Dianchi Cooperation for Opening Asia (DCOA) that will promote sustained development in the region, said Wang Xiaoyi, deputy chief of the State Administration of Foreign Exchange, at an international financial forum held in Kunming, capital city of Yunnan.

EU likely to pursue better ties with China

BRUSSELS - European Union and Chinese officials have fundamentally agreed to enhance their strategic partnerships, and the newly achieved consensus may be written into the bilateral pact during the China-EU Summit as soon as the beginning of October.

The likelihood of this will be further assessed at the upcoming European Council summit on Thursday, to be convened by its president Herman Van Rompuy in the presence of the EU bloc's heads of state and foreign ministers when they discuss EU relations with strategic partners - in particular, with emerging countries in Asia.


Reflections of a teacher on Teachers' Day

By Patrick Mattimore

I am celebrating Teachers' Day of China for the first time. In the US, we don't have a holiday to celebrate teachers, but I wish we did.

I taught for many years in high schools in California and I now teach in a law program at Tsinghua University, co-sponsored with Temple University in Philadelphia.

In reflecting about teaching, my thoughts are mostly about former students. I have very fond memories of students who accomplished great things, students who won national awards in psychology, for example.


China Daily website is running a special coverage on people’s dreams in Beijing under its This is Beijing program, and this is the first part of five people's dreams. Our previous issue was about morning exercises


Summer Davos 2010 to focus on sustainable growth

More than 1,000 leaders from government and industry around the world gathered in Tianjin Monday for start of the 2010 Summer Davos, or the the fourth Annual Meeting of the New Champions.

Convened by the World Economic Forum, the three day event with delegates from more than 80 countries and regions will gather to tackle the latest issues in world economic development under the banner of 'Driving Growth through Sustainability.'


China's improvement fastest among BRIC - VIDEO

Robert Greenhill, managing director and chief business officer of World Economic Forum, spoke to China Daily in an interview right after the Global Competitiveness Report 2010-2011 was released Thursday.


Summer Davos 2010 in Tianjin


Exclusive interview with Pascal - Video

Pascal Lamy, director-general of the World Trade Organizaiton (WTO), spoke in an exclusive interview with China Daily during the second World Investment Forum, which opened on Tuesday in Xiamen, Fujian province.



Shanghai Handbook: People's Square - VIDEO

People's Square is considered the heart of Shanghai. It is a hub of transportation, and also of recreation. If you want to experience a typical Shanghai leisure time, People's Square should definitely be on your list.




A program director - VIDEO

Zu Xiaoyu has studied Chinese calligraphy since childhood. But she had to give it up to put more focus on her burdensome schoolwork and face the pressure of competition to enter higher school.

But she is glad that she learned calligraphy in her childhood, because now, as an English TV program director, she faces many pressures that make her feel tired and stressful, and she uses calligraphy to help her mind calm down.






Global Times

Editorial - Japan attempts dangerous precedent

State leaders from both China and Japan have reportedly expressed their hopes that the latest conflict near the Diaoyu Islands in the East China Sea would not hurt Sino-Japanese relations.

Yet what the Japanese side has been doing, arresting the captain of a Chinese fishing boat and attempting to try him using Japanese laws, is pushing the relations to the edge.

Despite Beijing's repeated expression of anger and protest over the past few days, Japan insists on "taking criminal procedures strictly in accordance with domestic laws," refusing to release the Chinese crew.

It is an attempt by Japan to use the situation as a legal precedent to justify its control over what it calls the Senkaku Islands. China claims hundreds of years of sovereignty over the islands.

Japan seized control of the islands a century ago and did not return them after World War II.

Overseas farmland can fill empty rice bowls

Editor's Note:

As the gap between grain demand and supply in China increases yearly, the world's largest country by population faces a direct threat to its food security.  Within the next 10 years, China may have to be reliant on imported food. What keeps China's grain production from growing, and what are the solutions? How will China's food security influence world markets? Global Times (GT) reporter Wang Yuan talked with Zheng Fengtian (Zheng), vice president of School of Agricultural Economics and Rural Development, Renmin University of China, on these questions.

Kaixin OpEd - So if China is buying food from the world's foodbowls in 10 years and it can afford to pay the most, but that leaves other countries with a food shortage ...... what then??








CCTV - 9

News for Today

China     Business     Culture     Science & Technology     Travel



International News Sources


The Wall Street Journal   China RealTime Report

China Steps Up Protest Over Detention

Beijing Complains Again to Japan's Ambassador and Postpones Gas-Deposit Talks Over Held Captain, Crew and Vessel

BEIJING—China's government stepped up its complaints against Tokyo for Japan's detention of a Chinese fishing-boat captain in contested waters, escalating a feud that highlights growing regional tension over China's territorial claims.

China's Economy Resumes Acceleration

BEIJING—China's major economic indicators picked up in August after slowing for several months, data issued over the weekend show, an unexpected rebound that could help prospects for global growth.


The New York Times

Inflation in China Is Rising at a Fast Pace

From street markets to corporate offices, consumers and executives alike in China  are trying to cope with rising prices. The National Bureau of Statistics announced on Saturday that consumer prices in China were 3.5 percent higher compared with a year earlier, the largest increase in nearly two years.

China Explores a Frontier 2 Miles Deep

When three Chinese scientists plunged to the bottom of the South China Sea in a tiny submarine early this summer, they did more than simply plant their nation’s flag on the dark seabed.


National Pavilions With a Global Touch

SHANGHAI — Ever since the Shanghai Expo opened last spring, the U.S. pavilion has taken a drubbing in the American media. It has been called “a national humiliation” and “an epic failure of planning.” Many critics have assailed its architecture as boring, while others have complained that it fails to do enough to showcase American science and technology.

Mutual Trust Called Crucial to U.S.-China Relations

GENEVA — As the center of gravity of world affairs moves from the Atlantic to the Pacific, the United States needs to forge ties with China that match in depth, scope and trust those it has with the European Union, senior U.S. officials and strategists said this past weekend.


China and Tibet

Lodi Gyari, the Dalai Lama’s representative in Washington, has a good op-ed in the South China Morning Post (by subscription only). In particular, he makes two points that I think Beijing just doesn’t “get.”

See Kaixin's 'China & Tibet'


The Age

Ageing China flags truce in one-child revolution
John Garnaut, Beijing

CHINA'S sometimes brutal one-child policy is expected to be loosened next year, as policy advisers come to grips with the implications of having one of the world's most rapidly ageing populations.

A boy holding a Chinese national flag stands outside the Forbidden City in Beijing.(Photo coutesy of The Age)




WSJ - Mad about Mooncakes

Mid-Autumn Festival – this year it falls on Sept. 22 – is mooncake season and each year brings a new crop. From the traditional — lotus-seed or custard cream – to chocolate, or even durian-cream, fillings.

Here’s a look at a few from this year’s batch.

– Amy Ma


See Also: Kaixin's 'Admiring the Full Moon during the Mid-Autumn Festival - The Mooncake Festival'




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