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13th April 2010


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China Daily


Hu presents 5-point proposal for boosting China-U.S. ties

WASHINGTON; Chinese President Hu Jintao on Monday put forward a five-point proposal for improving China-U.S. relations in a meeting with his U.S. counterpart, Barack Obama.

The two sides should persistently stick to the right direction of bilateral ties, and take concrete moves to establish a partnership to jointly deal with common challenges, said Hu.

Second, China and the United States should respect each other's core interests and major concerns. This is key to the healthy and stable development of bilateral ties, he said.

The Taiwan and Tibet issues concern China's sovereignty and territorial integrity and its core interests. China hopes the United States would keep its promises and handle these issues with caution, so that further setbacks in China-U.S. ties could be averted.

Third, the two sides should keep exchanges at different levels, said Hu, adding that he is willing to keep close contact with Obama.

China and the United States should jointly push for positive results at the second round of China-U.S. strategic and economic dialogue, said Hu.

Fourth, the two countries should deepen practical cooperation. China would like to strengthen exchanges and cooperation with the United States in economics and trade, counter-terrorism, energy, environment, and law enforcement.

China is also willing to explore cooperation in civil aviation, high-speed train and infrastructure, said Hu.China expects outstanding U.S. exhibitions at the upcoming Shanghai Expo and welcomes U.S. citizens to the event.

Fifth, China and the United States should strengthen communication and coordination on major international and regional issues. The two sides should continue to strengthen macroeconomic policy coordination, and their cooperation in the framework of the Group of 20.




China Daily

Hu pledges currency reform at China's pace

WASHINGTON – President Hu Jintao told his US counterpart Barack Obama that China is determined to push forward reform on the exchange rate policy,but the move is based on China’s needs, not pressure from other countries.

A press release from the Foreign Ministry issued after the meeting said:“Hu said China is determined in pushing forward reform on the exchange rate formation system of the Renminbi,”

“It is based on the needs of our own economic and social development. Concrete reforms will be considered according to the change of the world economy and the situation of China’s economy, (we) especially will not push forward it under outside pressure.”


Hu meets with Obama in Washington on China-US ties

WASHINGTON - Chinese President Hu Jintao and US President Barack Obama met in Washington Monday to exchange views on China-US relations and other important world and regional issues of common concern.

"We had a talk over phone recently, and have maintained contact through phone calls and letters," Hu said when the meeting began.

This is the first meeting between Hu and Obama since the US president paid a state visit to China last November.


Hu seeks 'stable' US trade relationship

Washington - China and the US should properly handle economic frictions through consultations on an equal footing, President Hu Jintao has just told his US counterpart.

Answering a question on China-US economic and trade relations, Ma Zhaoxu, spokesman for the Chinese delegation attending the nuclear security summit, said that the two presidents discussed bilateral economic and trade relations.

President Hu told President Obama sound and stable development of China-US economic and trade ties is good for China, good for the US and for world economic development, he said.

The two sides should properly resolve economic and trade frictions through consultations on an equal footing and jointly uphold the larger interests of China-US economic cooperation and trade, Hu told Obama.



Female students going for the gold

GUANGZHOU - About 60 percent of female college students say they want to marry sons from wealthy families, freeing themselves from years of hard work, a recent poll shows.

Yet instead of blindly loving wealth, the students are looking at men from the "rich second generation" who love them and would share a future with them, said Liu Shuqian, a professor of ethics at Guangzhou University.

BRICs: From Acronym to Global Actor

By rising economically and embracing responsibilities, the four BRICs countries have proven their salt on the world stage


Get the Yuan Right, Prove Pundits Wrong

By Andy Xie

Hype over an 'imminent' increase in yuan value ignores China's greater need for higher interest rates and fewer bubbles

Kaixin - Very informative




The New York Times

U.S. Says China Will Push Sanctions Against Iran

WASHINGTON — President Obama met with his Chinese counterpart, Hu Jintao, on Monday and the two agreed to push for sanctions over Iran’s nuclear program, aides said. The leaders also discussed the delicate issue of the value of the Chinese currency, which the United States feels is purposely undervalued.


China Looks to Rails to Carry Its Next Economic Boom

From one end of the country to the other, China is in the midst of a railroad boom that promises to transform the world’s third-largest economy, after those of the United States and Japan.

By making it easier to move people and goods, the railroad mania will gradually shift the center of economic gravity inland, accelerating the development of central and western China in an echo of America’s experience in the 19th century.



The Wall Street Journal

U.S., China Talk Strategy on Iran

WASHINGTON—U.S. President Barack Obama and Chinese President Hu Jintao, meeting on the first day of a nuclear security summit, agreed to step up pressure on Iran for its nuclear program, the U.S. said, but the two nations appear divided on how to apply that pressure.



The Australian

US, China to work together on Iran

US President Barack Obama and Chinese President Hu Jintao have agreed to work together on nuclear sanctions for Iran.

Obama and Hu met in Washington ahead of a 47-nation nuclear security summit and sent soothing signals after stormy public rows over Taiwan, Tibet, economics and currency issues.


Doubts remain as China consults on opening up procurement market

CHINA appears to be softening rules that sparked outcry from foreign businesses by limiting their access to a government procurement market worth billions of dollars a year.



The Sydney Morning Herald

China bank lending almost halved in 1st quarter

Lending by Chinese banks fell 43 per cent in the first quarter from a year earlier as the government winds down its stimulus and tries to cool a credit boom while keeping its recovery on track, central bank data showedon Monday.


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