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Sun Li in Beijing (Erotic Adventures of a Chinese courtesan) - Ch 1: The Tea House


Sun Li in Beijing








She sighed as he entered her.

What had it been? Just ten days, ten glorious days.

A game of seduction, played to its limits, played to win, played to conquer.

Day One

Sun Li sat back and sipped her tea, savoring the fragrant aftertaste, “xiang”. Tie Guan Yin, the famous green tea of China with so much history.

Glancing around she noticed a foreign couple sitting in the Beijing Tea House, he, beautiful, her, succulent, ripe, sending electricity to Sun Li’s very center. She felt her body grow hot and moist, the familiar feeling of arousal, heralding the beginning.

Sun Li smiled at the couple; they smiled back, hesitant, unsure, seeking a friendly face in an unfamiliar city.

Sun Li stood up and walked over to the couple’s table.

“Hello, is this your first visit to Beijing”

“Yes, it is.”

“Oh, welcome. My name is Sun Li.”

“My name is Craig, this is Peta.”

Awkward smiles, searching for the next topic. Sun Li, the master, leading the way.

“Have you been to the Great Wall yet?”

“No, we arrived two days ago, we have spent the time resting and walking through the Hutongs.”

“What do you think of Beijing , Peta”

Peta’s eyes had been feasting on Sun Li’s beautiful young Chinese body, surprised at herself, hesitant, shy, lustful…… surprised, because she had never been with a woman before, had never considered it.

“I am enjoying it, the Hutongs are fascinating and so full of life. It is good to see history alive, not shut away.”

Craig noticed the change in her voice, for Sun Li, the familiar change, the change that promised a long and delightful evening, huskiness that came from deep within her femininity.

“The tea you are drinking is not good quality, would you like me to order some new tea, I can teach you a little about Chinese tea culture. I will order some Pur Ur, it is a red tea. It has a very good smell, ‘xiang’ we call it, pronounced ‘sh’ee'ung’.”

“Yes please, we just came in and sat down, the waitress said she would bring us some special tea. Oh, please sit down and join us.”

Sun Li smiled and sat down, her every movement a study in seduction, the brief flash of leg, the sway of her breasts, the slight tilt of her head. Peta could not take her eyes of Sun Li’s beautiful neck, could almost taste her.

Craig could sense the electricity between the two woman, was surprised, delighted.

Sun Li looked directly into Craig’s eyes and reached over to touch Peta on the knee, naked. Peta moved her legs apart ever so slightly, an invitation.

“Are you from America?”

Craig noticed Sun Li’s hand linger on Peta’s knee, slowly withdrawn, leaving the hint of a caress, slender fingers sending a message of promise.

“No, we are from Australia, Sydney.”

“My best friend is studying at Sydney University, she calls me often and tells me how beautiful the city is, how clean the air is.”

“Have you traveled overseas, Sun Li?”

Sun Li called out to a waitress, “Fu wu yuan, lai Pur Ur cha.”

“Sorry, no, I have not traveled overseas, I am doing my masters now.”

“Oh, which subject?”

“Medical Research.”

“That is very impressive.”

“I am good at science. What do you do Craig, Peta”

“I am a lawyer, Peta works in real estate.”

“Why did you decide to come to China?”


“Yes,” said Peta, “We watched the Olympic Games in 2008 and were amazed at what we saw.”

“It was an exciting time for us as well,” said Sun Li.

“We thought of China as a grey place, dour, with sad people. In 2008 we saw a rainbow with vibrant people, a modern city. We said to each other that we must go to China some day. Now we are here.”

“What do you think of Chinese woman, Craig?”

Craig was surprised by the question, but could not help glancing at the hint of breast as Sun Li poured the tea and handed a small, exquisite, cup to him.

“Uh … I find them very attractive.”

“Would you like to make love to one? More tea?”

“Um ….” .

“I am sure he would” said Peta, laughing, small, nervous.

Sun Li smiled and placed her hand on Peta’s knee again.

“And you, Peta, would you like to make love to a Chinese woman?”

Craig looked at Peta, waiting for a reply, surprised she did not stand up and walk away. Instead, Peta sat looking at Sun Li for a long time.

Sun Li left her hand resting on Peta’s knee and reached over to pour some more tea into Craig’s cup.

Peta’s face flushed a little and she was obviously struggling with her thoughts. She looked at Craig and she could see the rising excitement in his eyes. She felt her vagina become moist and warm, anticipating, wanting.

A little unsteadily, and very quietly ...... “Yes”

Sun Li nodded and gave Peta’s knee a gentle squeeze, inserting her fingers between her legs and gently pushing them apart, ever so slightly, ever so suggestively.

Sun Li sat back and sipped some tea.

Craig looked at her, he wanted this young beautiful woman’s body, he wanted to watch her making love to his wife, he wanted to thrust deep into her as she used her tongue in Peta, used her mouth so kiss and suck Peta’s clitoris. He wanted to taste Sun Li and share her with his wife.

“I assume this is not free”

Sun Li smiled, “Of course not”

Craig nodded.

“How much?”

“How long are you staying in Beijing” Sun Li asked.

“10 days.”

“Then let me show you Bejing during the day and we can make love during the night, 50,000 yuan”

Craig glanced at Peta, Peta nodded.

“OK, half now, half at the end of the ten days”


Sun Li nodded at the two cups of tea.

“Did you enjoy the tea?”

“Yes, very much, but now I just want to take you both to our hotel” said Craig.

“Of course, let’s go. Fuwuyuan, mai dan.”

The waitress bought the bill over and Craig paid with Yuan he had exchanged that day at the bank's ATM.

The hotel was just a 10 minute walk away, 5 star, marble foyer, opulent lifts, ankle deep carpet, quiet as a slow fuck.

They did not speak in the elevator, and silently walked through the open doors on the tenth floor.

Peta felt she could hardly walk, anticipating what was to come, her legs weak, her nipples taught.

Craig had a impossibly hard erection and was breathing in short shallow breaths, he could not take his eyes off Sun Li’s neck. He unlocked the door and gestured for the two women to go in.

Sun li walked into the room, then turned around and smiled at both of them.


Peta and Craig nodded.

“Peta. take off your clothes and I will wash you. Craig I want you to watch.”

Craig’s mouth was dry, all he could do was nod. He walked over and poured himself a whisky then sat down to watch.

Peta nervously walked over to Sun Li and stood before her.

Sun Li smiled and started to unbutton Peta’s blouse. 
Peta swallowed as she felt Sun Li’s fingers tug at her buttons, then one by one release them. 

Sun Li slipped the blouse back over Pet’s shoulders, letting it fall to the ground, Peta shaking her arms to free it.

Peta ‘s nipples could clearly be seen through her silk bra, taut and erect.

Sun Li caressed each nipple, then slipped her hand into the bra. Peta gave a sharp intake of breath. Sun Li smiled and leaned over to kiss Peta on the lips. I light kiss. Peta did not respond at first. Sun Li kissed Peta again and used her tongue to push gently into Peta’s mouth. Peta resisted, then opened her mouth letting in Sun Li’s tongue, intense thrill of excitement in the pit of her stomach as the juices began to flow, her pussy hot and aroused.

Sun Li reached around and unclipped Peta’s bra, it fell away. Peta’s breasts were full and round, they had always delighted Craig. Sun Li kissed each nipple, feeling them hard and aroused in her mouth. She reached down, unclipping Peta’s skirt.

Peta was looking at Sun Li with unabashed longing and lust. Sun Li slipped a finger into Peta’s knickers and pulling them down. Peta stood stil, letting her knickers drop to the floor, standing naked before Sun Li and Craig.

She had never felt so alive, so sexy, so excited........ so in lust. 

Sun Li stood back and unbuttoned the top of her skirt. It fell to the ground revealling an almost perfect body. Peta gasped in anticipation.

Sun Li unbuttoned her bra and slipped it over her arms. She then slipped off her knickers and stood naked before Peta.

Craig was moaning in suspense.

“Stay there Craig.”

The bathoom was separated by a pane of clear glass, it could be seen clearly from where Craig was sitting.

Sun Li led Peta into the bathroom and turned on the shower. It gushed hot water. Sun Li adjusted the temperature and stepped into the stream of water. She reached over for some soap, lathered it under the water, then began to wash Peta, starting at her neck and working her way down until he whole body was lathered in soap.

Peta’s excitement was palpable, she was mewing at each touch. 

Craig watching .......

Soon, he put down his glass, took off his clothes and strode into the bathroom.

“Now it is your turn Sun Li, we will wash you.”

He took the cake of soap from Sun Li.

Together Peta and Craig lathered Sun Li’s beautiful body, then washed off the lather. Craig knelt down and kissed Sun Li’s pussy, darting his tongue in to taste her sweet juices. He pulled Peta down and gestured that she do the same.

Peta resisted, she had never done this before, she was unsure, hesitant.

Craig smiled, and kissed Sun Li’s vagina again. Sun Li gave a low, soft moan which sent a shudder through Peta’s entire body. She tentatively leaned over and kissed Sun Li’s pussy, tasting the musty salt, then the sweet musk as she pushed her tongue further in. Sun Li moaned and Peta could feel the sweet pussy opening to her mouth.

Craig stood up and kissed Sun Li on the breasts, the nipples erect and taught. He pushed her gently to her knees and pushed his erect cock into her cheek. She turned and opened her mouth taking his cock in her mouth. Peta joined her, the two women kissing and fondling Craig's erect cock.

“Let’s go to the bed,” whispered Sun Li.

She led them both into the bedroom, over to a king sized bed, pushing Peta gently onto the bed.

She lay there naked and defenceless, writhing in anticipation. Sun Li knelt down between Peta's legs, starting at Peta’s right foot she ran her tongue all the way up the inside of her leg until to her vagina, hot, open  ..... waiting. Sun Li kissed her clitoris, slipping her tongue into the soft, musky warmth. Peta letting out slow moans of delight, savouring each thrust of Sun Li’s tongue.

Craig walked behind Sun Li and positioned her so that he could enter her from behind. He looked into Peta’s eyes as he entered Sun Li. With each thrust Sun Li pushed her tongue into Peta, 
Peta writhing in total sexual abandonment. 

“Come into me Craig, please, I need you in me.” Peta moaned.

Craig withdrew from Sun Li and walked around to position himself between Peta’s legs. Sun Li pulled her head back a little and kissed Craig’s throbbing penis. She guided it into Peta’s waiting pussy. Sun Li positioned her mouth in so that she was able to enclose Craig’s penis in her lips as he thrust in and out. She loved the taste of Peta’s pussy and the thrill of Craig’s erect penis in her mouth. Then, Craig withdrew completely and thrust his cock deep into Sun Li’s mouth until she gagged. She withdrew her head a little then pushed herself onto his cock, feeling it deep into her throat. She loved the feel of it and the anticipation of him cumming.

Craig was experienced and withdrew before he came too early. He then thrust deep into his wife again, delighting in Sun Li as she slipped her fingers and tongue into Peta at the same time.

Soon he gave a moan and came deep within Peta, shuddering as his semen ejaculated into her.   Sun Li hungrily kept her mouth in place, waiting for the semen to flow.

Craig kept his cock deep in Peta, feeling the trickle of semen as it flowed out of her pussy. Sun Li hungrily licking at it, kissing Craig’s cock and slipping her tongue into Peta. Then Craig withdrew and Sun Li kissed Peta’s pussy with an open mouth, drinking in the semen, pushing her tongue in and out.

Peta screamed in delight and instantly came, her whole body shuddering in delight.

Sun Li drank in the sweet musk of Peta’s orgasm.

Soon Peta lay still and Sun Li gave her one last kiss.

Craig looked down as the two beautiful women, he knew had has just had the best sexual experience of his life and that the next 10 days promised delights he had never dreamed of.